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Erfahrungsbericht Stefanie

Well, 'it's the final countdown'… My time in Hovden is going to finish very soon. My feelings about that are jumping between happiness and sadness.
Concerning my tasks and my work changed something in the last time. I worked more with the tasks in church, concerning to my education. I'm a landscape gardener, so I had to keep the plants on the graves in order and took care about them. As well I worked on the wall around Hovden kapell. It was full of grass and wild- plants, the people didn't want to have there. So I grabbed out all that plants and their roots. It was a really interesting job to see, where trees where standing in that wall, in former times … . When I was finished with that, I made a plan, what to plant on it.
The last week I was very busied, not just because of packing all my staff (which is really to much to take everything back, by plane…). It's also because I worked as a guide in Bykle-church. This church is quite old and one of the smallest in Norway. It's very famous because of its rose-paintings. Usually there are girls, who do this job as a summer-job. But they couldn't stay longer, so I was asked to do that. It was really interesting to be a guide in an old church, it's really something special. In the same time I had to translate the information about that church from Norwegian into German. Well… not the easiest job, translating from old Norwegian with this special 'byklean' dialect in German. But it's a very good chance to realize, how difficult and different my mother-language can be. When I just read this prospect in Norwegian, I can understand a something. But translating every sentence, word by word, can be really hard. One short Norwegian sentence means at least one long sentence in German, or maybe two sentences. But that's not all, to build this sentences that they keep the absolute complete meaning is something different… . But luckily my church-boss has studied German, so, after a few days, we did it together… .

Concerning my tasks in school, they have been the same as described in the midterm-report. 'open school', meetings, being with a teacher eksamens-vakt, etc. I also helped some students with their homework in German and teached them bit. But the time in school wasn't that much, because I was for short in Germany and went to a camp about organising an international exchange and how to use your local environment. There I met Edgar, the new volunteer. He came to Hovden for a short visit afterwards.

Well, actually that was my time after my midterm-report in may. But maybe some informations about Hovden and its part in an EVS-project. Hovden is a really small village, a typical tourist place. In the wintertime are here a lot of tourists. The number of 'habitants' jumps in a short time from 450 to 15000 people. It's during the easter-holidays in April. But in Mai it's nearly dead. All the tourists are gone, the season workers are on holiday and everything is closed, just the shop and the bank are open. The weather in Mai wasn't the best that year. The snow was going and it rained a lot, sometimes something between snow and rain. It was an ideal atmosphere and surrounding to get depressed. But in summer, it's a complete different type of tourist spending his holiday in Hovden. The weather was ok, not the best, the water had a temperature that allowed to go swimming without being an ice-bear.
Well. Since a few days it seems that the autumn is coming, the days getting shorter, the nights colder, the wind heavier and the atmosphere is like 'good bye, nice time'.
It's time to go.